Founded in 1989, Plezer Color Lab is one of the oldest and well-known photo laboratories in Ahmedabad. At Plezer Color Lab, we like to think of ourselves as the wizards of photo printing, who want to create the best photo printing experience for you of all time. We strive to see the world through your eyes and that is why we only work with the best tools we can find, hardware & software wise.

We started with the Traditional Silver Halide printing technology and now ,at present, we are a leader in the market of photographic printing techniques. We have all the ingredients in place and now all we need is for you to create amazing pictures. One of our favorite things is the sensation we get when holding prints in our hands, to see how images translate from the screen to the real life, how they change with the mood of the paper, their surroundings and how they look when framed to give new meanings to our walls and homes. We have enormous solutions for printing Portfolios.

Our Passion has always been a front runner from the age of darkrooms until today’s digital age. It is considered the most fully equipped and specialised lab in Ahmedabad and one of the best in Gujarat with Biggest network in Gujarat.

We take great pride in our quality customer service, the care we put into our image processing, scanning, handling, and our long lasting customer relationships. We understand our client’s desire for privacy and discretion and that is our utmost priority to keep your data confidential. We always try to exceed your expectations at reasonable rates and the fastest possible turnaround times.

You love your photo,so do we. They tell your story and that’s why we are dedicated to helping you turn them into beautiful personal memory, decor, prints, gifts and more that you will be proud to share and can treasure for years to come. Our sole vision is to be updated and innovative with on going market trends and become exclusive producer of world-class services with high-quality standard performance.